Andrew Wilson, Nick Ray et Angela Trentacoste (éd.), The Economy of Roman Religion

Parution aux Oxford Universty Press : Andrew Wilson, Nick Ray et Angela Trentacoste (éd.), The Economy of Roman Religion, Oxford University Press, coll. « Oxford Studies on the Roman Economy », 2023, 384 p., £83. Voir la fiche sur le site de l’éditeur.

This interdisciplinary edited volume presents twelve papers by Roman historians and archaeologists, discussing the interconnected relationship between religion and the Roman economy over the period c. 500 bc to ad 350. The connection between Roman religion and the economy has largely been ignored in work on the Roman economy, but this volume explores the many complex ways in which economic and religious thinking and activities were interwoven, from individuals to institutions. The broad geographic and chronological scope of the volume engages with a notable variety of evidence: epigraphic, archaeological, historical, papyrological, and zooarchaeological. In addition to providing case studies that draw from the rich archaeological, documentary, and epigraphic evidence, the volume also explores the different and sometimes divergent pictures offered by these sources (from discrepancies in the cost of religious buildings, to the tensions between piety and ostentatious donation). The edited collection thus bridges economic, social, and religious themes. The volume provides a view of a society in which religion had a central role in economic activity on an institutional to individual scale. The volume allows an evaluation of impact of that activity from both financial and social viewpoints, providing a new perspective on Roman religion—a perspective to which a wide range of archaeological and documentary evidence, from animal bone to coins and building costs, has contributed. As a result, this volume not only provides new information on the economy of Roman religion: it also proposes new ways of looking at existing bodies of evidence.

Table des matières

Introduction: Religion and the Roman economy, Andrew Wilson
What did Religion Cost in Ancient Rome?, Jörg Rüpke
Investing in Religion: Religion and the Economy in pre-Roman Central Italy, Charlotte Potts
Cost Differences in Temple Building between Rome and the Provinces, Javier Domingo
Moneychangers in the Temple? Coins and Religion in the Roman World, David Wigg-Wolf
Cult Economy in the Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire, Marietta Horster
Impact of the Roman Conquest on Temple Economies in Egypt: A Case Study of the Temple of Soknopaios in Dime, Marie-Pierre Chaufray
Animals in Roman Religion: The Economics behind the Rituals, Michael MacKinnon
Sacred flocks and herds? The Implications of Animal Sacrifice at Rural and Suburban Romano-Celtic Shrines, Tony King
Sacred Gifts, Profane Uses? The Limits of Donations in the Roman Religious Sphere, Marta Garcia Morcillo
Guilds and Gods: Religious Profiles of Occupational collegia and the Problem of the dendrophori, Koen Verboven
Current and Future Directions of the Study of Roman Religion and Economy, Greg Woolf

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